• Long Lasting

    For normal use you can expect your optics to stay clean, and fog free for up to 24 hours. We recommend that you clean, and apply our products daily for maximum protection.

  • Works on nearly every material and coating

    Our products are safe on nearly every optics material and coating. Tested everywhere from early morning hunting, riverboat gambling trips, diving, and the operating room. Say goodbye to obscured vision caused by fog, dirt and grease. 

  • American Made

    Made with the finest, premium, and non-toxic ingredients we can say our sprays are second to none. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your order.

Anti-fog spray / optic cleaning gel


Our anti-fog sprays & eyeglass cleaner provide streak-free clarity for glasses, goggles, scopes, camera lenses.Made in the USA with premium non-toxic ingredients.

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Premium fabrics for your optics


Elevate your eyewear and optics experience with premium eyeglasses accessories crafted for style and functionality. From American-made cases to lens cleaners, discover accessories that blend quality and design for use in hunting, skiing, or every day use. Enhance protection, maintenance, and style for every eyewear type

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comfort meets safety

Safety Eyewear

Discover top-tier safety eyewear designed for ultimate protection and clarity. Crafted with advanced materials, our glasses ensure maximum safety while offering a comfortable fit. Perfect for diverse environments and tasks, ensuring clear vision and superior protection.

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